Schmyr 1.0.3

Schmyr 1.0.3


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Date Added:04 April, 2014

Author: Portal 5B LLC

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Deal the cards and play Schmyr now!
Schmyr, also known as Pitch, is a challenging trick-taking card game that can be played with 2, 3, or 4 Players Live Online or played Offline in the 2 new SinglePlayer Modes.

Play Live MultiPlayer from virtually anywhere on an iPhone or from an iPod or iPad using a WiFi connection. There are no Bots at the table when playing Online MultiPlayer Schmyr! You will only play Real People in a Live Multi-Player environment.

Trump rules as Players Bid the strength of their hand for the right to delcare the Trump Suit as they battle to take the 4 possible points dealt in each hand. This is Schmyr: Hi-Low-Jack-Game, No-Draw. The first Player to reach 11, tie-breaker rules apply, takes the Win and All the Schmyr Bits on the table. There's In-Game Text Chat and an optional Game Timer to insure timely Game Play by everyone. Use your best strategies to "Take Home" the most points and "Make the Bid"! Whether you're an avid card player or not, Schmyr won't disappoint!

Schmyr's interatcive Lobby System allows Players to discover and join others through a "Challenge Style" Lobby. It displays each Player's Table as an Icon Button with red dashes showing how many Players are at the table. The Lobby places available tables with the most Players at the top of the scrolling 20 table list, making it easy to find a table that is waiting for a 3rd or 4th Player to join and play. Schmyr also lets "Friends" create a private Lobby where they can meet and play by entering a shared "Friends Code", assuring them a private table to play on. There is also a handy "Block" feature that can be used to disable Defaulting Players, or any Players you choose, from seeing or joining you in the Public Lobby.

Game Tokens are required to play Schmyr Online, Game Tokens are not required in Offline SinglePlayer Mode. "1" Game Token is charged for each game played and can be purchased through an In App Purchase. Schmyr Bits can also be purchased by users wanting to play at higher valued tables. Schmyr Version 1.0.3 comes with 5 "Free" Game Tokens and 200 Schmyr Bits allowing the new user instant access to Online MultiPlayer game Play.


Schmyr Features:
*Updates added to Version 1.0.3

*2 New SinglePlayer Modes, 2 & 3 Player, that can be played anywhere Offline, great for learning the game and developing card playing strategies

*Facebook Share and Twitter buttons have been added to the Schmyr Menu Screen. Players can now easily tell their Friends about Schmyr

*The Public Lobby now shows all Players and Tables available in a single scrolling list, the Player's Table Schmyr Bits value is now labeled on the Icon Button

*Improved Button Graphic Effects

*5 "Free" Game Tokens and 200 Schmyr Bits!

-Live Online MultiPlayer Tables for 2, 3, or 4 Players

-Challenging and constantly changing game play with Real Players

-Interactive "Challenge Style" Lobby System, Player are not randomly injected into tables

-Public and Private Lobbies and Tables

-"Block" Options to filter players in the Lobby

-In-Game Text Chat makes Schmyr an engaging social experience

-Optional "Game Timer" to insure timely play by everyone

-Play for and Collect "Schmyr Bits" which allow Players to compete at Higher Valued Tables

-Put on your Headphones and Listen to your Favorite Music, Schmyr allows users to play their Music Library when playing

-Dropped Player support allows the game to reset/continue if a Player's connection is terminated or a Player abandons a game in progress.



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System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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